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Maine Cabin Rentals for Freshwater Fishing

Log Cabin rentals are available year round to accommodate your fishing get-aways, each cabin has a private bath, refrigerator, microwave, toaster and coffee maker, with ample parking for your boat and trailer. We offer packages with or without food in the beautiful log lodge. Click here for more information on cabins

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Open water Fishing

The town of Sebec is surrounded by many excellent fishing lakes, rivers and streams. Within just a short drive from the cabins you can be fishing any one of the many lakes, Schoodic, Sebec and Seboies lakes just to name a few. If river and streams are more to your liking Morrison stream runs right though our property and is a well known native brook trout stream and just across the main road from us is Sebec river which has salmon and smallmouth bass, it also has a section of the river that is stocked with thousands of trout.

Ice Fishing

Bring your ice augers and tip ups, when the lakes freeze up the fishing heats up. All the same lakes you fished all spring and summer now offer excellent ice fishing.

Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Held annually for over 50 years the Schoodic Lake fishing derby draws hundred of fishermen competing for thousands of dollars worth of prizes, come join the fun!

Sebec Lake & Sebec River

Sebec Lake is a 6,803-acre oligotrophic lake situated in the towns of Dover-Foxcroft, Sebec, Bowerbank, and Willimantic in southern Piscataquis County, Maine. Sebec Lake has both warmwater and cold water fish assemblages.

Map of Sebec Lake

Species present in Sebec Lake include: salmon, lake trout, white perch, smallmouth bass, rainbow smelt, three-spine stickleback, banded killifish, brook trout, brown bullhead, creek chub, common shiner, burbot, American eel, fallfish, golden shiner, northern redbelly dace, chain pickerel, pumpkinseed sunfish, white sucker, and yellow perch. While brook trout, burbot, and yellow perch are present, they offer very limited fishing opportunity and were rarely observed during creel surveys.

Sebec Lake provides important recreational fishing opportunities for landlocked salmon, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and pickerel in southern Piscataquis County. Anglers primarily target lake trout in the winter while salmon and smallmouth bass dominate the summer catch. The lake is one of Maine’s original landlocked salmon waters. Lake trout were present in low abundance and recorded in the 1954 creel survey prior to the stocking program which began in 1961. Sebec Lake has a reputation for slow growing wild salmon; however, there are some larger, older fish in the catch. There is a trophy component to the lake trout fishery which is supported by annual stocking. Lake trout exceeding 20 lbs. have been documented at Sebec Lake and fish over 10 lbs. are reported frequently, making this a highly desirable fishery and important to the local economy, especially in the winter.

Schoodic Lake

Schoodic Lake continues its remarkable recovery from the poor fishing of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, and is once again a premier destination point for anglers in search of quality lake trout and landlocked salmon fishing. Lake trout have dropped a bit in size compared to five years ago, but still averaged a healthy 20 inches in length and just less than 3 pounds in the fall trapnets. A new regulation for 2008 will allow anglers to keep two togue as part of the daily limit, but only one may be over 23 inches in length. This should provide some protection for the larger togue, while affording angers the opportunity to take two togue home with them if they would like.

schoodic lake fishing

In addition to excellent togue fishing, Schoodic Lake has the ability to provide salmon enthusiasts with an excellent opportunity to catch a trophy size salmon. In fact, Schoodic Lake is part of the Maine Classic Landlocked Salmon Program, a cooperative project between Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Sportsman Alliance of Maine. The project has the goal of producing trophy landlocked salmon in select waters in each region of the State. Two-year old salmon trapnetted last fall averaged almost 22 inches and 3.6 pounds in weight! A good number of three-year old salmon were captured averaging over 4.5 pounds and a 7.65 pound four-year old salmon was caught as well. As a result of natural reproduction in lake tributaries and the outlet there is also a small population of wild salmon in the lake. Wild fish accounted for about 20 percent of the salmon captured, and averaged 20 inches long and just under 3 pounds.