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Ruffed Grouse "Partridge" & Woodcock Hunts

Ruffed Grouse The subspecies of grouse found in Maine is the St. Lawrence or Canada ruffed grouse. The plumage of ruffed grouse blends remarkably well with their habitat, with a broad black band on the tail feathers and a patch of dark feathers on both sides of the neck that can be expanded into a ruff. Ruffed grouse have two color phases, red and gray. With the gray phase being the predominant color in Maine. Ruffed grouse with their explosive flushes prove to be one of the most exciting upland game bird to hunt.

The American woodcock , or "timberdoodle" is a small migratory bird about the size of a robin. Their plumage is an overall mottled russet or brown providing ample camouflage. Both sexes are similar in appearance, with females being a bit heavier than males. Woodcock tend to be tight holding birds, and when flushed air passes through their rapidly beating wings and produces a whistling sound. Woodcock usually fly up erratically making the most experienced hunters miss the shot.

Guided Grouse hunts

Maine grouse hunting dog
  • Guided Hunts

  • 350.00 per hunter, per day single occupancy
  • 200.00 per hunter, per day double or more occupancy
  • Includes Lodging & Meals
  • Hunt over your dogs or Guide's dog

Self-guided Grouse hunts

Maine grouse hunting
  • Self Guided Hunts

  • 150.00 per hunter, per day single occupancy
  • 125.00 per hunter, per day double or more occupancy
  • Includes Lodging & Meals
  • Information and directions to local hunting areas provided

Booking and hunt information

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  • Hunt information

  • 50% deposit required
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  • Family style breakfast and dinner served in main lodge, lunchs are packed to go
  • Call 207-564-0760 to book, credit cards, checks and cash accepted

Public Land Hunts

Maine has hundreds of thousands of state and timber company owned land that is open for grouseand woodcock hunting. These lands offer a diverse mixture of excellent bird habitat.

Rent one of our cabins by the day or week. Cabins can accommidate up to 6 people and your bird dogs are always welcome.

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